Under the brand "LORENA PAGGI" they are produced footwear, bags and leather accessories made with polished and fine materials.

The two young owners have managed to blend harmoniously the old shoemaking tradition with the modern technological innovations. Constantly attentive to the evolution of fashion, they follow the trends with cutting-edge and constantly changing products.

The production aims to reach mainly Eastern Europe and especially Russia, considering both the needs of the customers and the environmental or climatic factors of this vast territory.

The goal is in fact to provide a prestige product, entirely "Made in Italy", with an excellent value for money.

Thanks to all this, the shoe factory "LORENA PAGGI" has succeeded, in a very short time, in getting widespread consents of a large number of qualified customers.


Spring Summer 2017

Fall   Winter   2016/2017

Fall   Winter   2015/2016

Spring Summer 2016


Micam   Milan

14   -   17   Febbruary   2016

3   -   6   September   2016

Pav.2   -   Stand   B12   B14


di Giusti Loredana e Parmegiani Morena s.n.c.

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